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Dr. Morteza Izadifard


Educational experience

  •   PhD in Physics ,Material Science, Linköping University,  Sweden  
  •  Research Activities 
  • The honored researcher of the university for two years 
  •   The honored faculty member for two years
  •  Supervising many PhD students and a lot of MSc students
  •  Presenting 70 scientific ISI and ISC articles and presenting 100 papers in conferences
  •  Conducting many research projects 
  •  Patent: Recovering a Degraded Solar Cell US10347 

Administrative records

President of Shahrood University of Technology

Vice president for Academic and graduate affairs

  Director of graduate affairs

 Dean of faculty of Physics and Nuclear Engineering


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Shahrood University of Technology with a history of 43 years is located in the cultural city in the north-east of Iran. This great and developing university includes four campuses named Central Campus, industry and new technologies Campus, College of Agriculture and College of educational mine in an area of ​​about 200 hectares and 187 different programs including 43 under graduate, 107 Master and 37 PhD majors. There are 305 faculty members who have valuable roles in educational, research and cultural activities. Moreover, we have 262 hardworking university staff who serve in various fields and departments.

 University provides skilled human source by educating students. Action research has solved the problems, changed the horizons of science and technology and served effectively to the country through scientific effects to provide sustainable scientific development. University as a national institution belongs to the people and wants to serve properly. The key is that we all bear in mind the love of God and trust in him. University is the second home to us and we of course try to develop it. All people who intend to help our University are welcome.

Strategies and solutions for the qualitative and quantitative development of the university are mentioned in strategic plan of the university. This program has been set based on programs and documents of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Research-based education, improving educational quality, demand-driven development based on the needs of the country, are some of the most important educational strategies. In research section, solving the problems of the country, demand-driven, product-oriented, commercialization, new technologies, and promoting the ranking of the university have been considered. We should pay attention to scientific management and science and technology innovation, mission-oriented and moving forward to form scientific and technological poles. Planning, regulations, decision-making based on wisdom, having specialized councils, responsibility, coordination, continuous control improvement and development of public relations and University automation are some of the most important strategic policies in management sector. In student and Cultural sector, improving religious beliefs, scientific knowledge, ethics, national unity, being critic and accepting criticism, have been received considerable attention. Plans and programs for achieving strategic plans are produced with cooperation of vice presidents and their administrators, faculties and research centers, experts and evaluating in specialized councils.

 Dear members of the faculties and experts are invited to express the issues, challenges, action plans and provide feedback in a way to help the authorities. The quantitative and qualitative development of the university will be based on strengthening research and education structures including classrooms, workshops, laboratories, research centers, computer networks, library, software and databases. Development of automation in management education, research, student, administrative and financial services, is an important step.

 It is hoped that with the help of beneficent God, managerial support and cooperation of the people, we can meet some requirements of scientific and skillful human resources for the country in various fields and do our duty to serve to people and country.


Best regards

Dr. Morteza Izadifard

President of Shahrood University of Technology

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Counselling Centre

This center aims at improving the mental hygiene of students by offering consultation and psychotherapy to students. This center is one of the most successful centers of its kind among Iran’s universities.

Sports Complex

The activities of the office of physical education are: 1) education: offering physical education 1 and 2 courses (in sports like basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, and table tennis), 2) extra-curricular activities including: badminton,  bodybuilding, basketball, taekwondo, table tennis, judo, rock climbing, chess, swimming, futsal, karate, wrestling, kung fu, mountain climbing, and volleyball, fencing, and 3) research activities: evaluation and examination of physical condition of students and doing the related tests.


Aims at providing healthy foods to promote food safety and physical and mental health of students, professors and staffs.



One of the offices of the Student Affair Administration and as a bridge between the University and the Welfare Fund for Students to provide students with welfare services.

Health Center

Shahrood University of Technology, as the leading university in the development of technology infrastructure, has been working hard to play a role as an active and capable cooperator with the health system of the country. The super-health system is a smart system based on a self-care model. This system tries to improve the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyle by combining modern technologies and health knowledge.


Accomodation of students has always been a major concern for them, their families and the university’s officials. This issue is one of the priorities of welfare services provided by universities and higher education institutes. Accommodation Affairs Office of SUT is one of the most important offices of Student Affairs Deputy, having as its main task to provide suitable accommodation services for students.


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Engineering and New Technology CampusCentral Campus Map

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Shahrood University of Technology (SUT) was established in 1973 as the first university in Semnan province and currently is the only technological university in the province. SUT currently has 11,000 students and 305 faculty members who are studying, teaching and doing scientific research activities in 187 different programs including 43 under graduate, 107 Master and 37 PhD majors.


Shahrood University of Technology is composed of 16 faculties, one E-learning center and four campuses (Pardis) including: 1) Central, 2) Engineering and New Technology, 3) Agricultural Engineering, and 4) Educational Mine.Recently, Shahrood University of Technology was ranked the sixth among 17 technical universities by Islamic World Science Citation Center. Currently, Dr. MohammadMehdi Fateh is the president of Shahrood University of Technology, who is an academic member in the Department of Robotic and Power Engineering.


University Strategies


Education: Education based on research, improving education quality, quantitative expansion based on needs of the country, product and demand oriented.


Research: Solving challenges in the country, moving toward knowledge horizons, demand oriented, new technologies, entrepreneurship and improving university’s scientific rank.


Management: Planning, having specialized committees, responsibility, managing coordination, integrated control, public relation and automation improvement.


Cultural and student affairs: Improving religious beliefs, scientific knowledge, ethics, national unity, being critic and accepting criticism.


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Contact Us


SUT switchboard

Tel: +98 23 32394931


Shahrood University OF Technology
Shahrood, Iran, P.O. Box: 3619995161


President General Enquiries

Dr. Morteza Izadifard

Tel: +98 23 32396000



Dr. Saeed Hessami Pileh rud
Director of President’s Office and Public Relations
Tel: +98 2332396000
Fax: +98 23 3239 4419




Office of Scientific and International Affairs

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi
Tel: +982332394931
Fax: +982332394419

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Mohammad Ataee
Phone: +98 2332395503 
Fax: +98 23 3239 4419



Vice President of Administrative Affairs and Finance

Dr. Mohammad Ali Molaei
Phone: +98 2332394932Fax: +98 23 3239 4419



Vice President of Research and Technology

Dr. Hamid Hassanpour
Phone: +98 2332300334
Fax: +98 23 3239 4419





Vice President for Socio-Cultural Affairs

Dr. Hadi Ghorbani

Tel: +9823 3239 4518

Fax: +98 23 3239 4419



Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Hossein Khosravi

Tel: 32396009

Fax: +98 23 3239 4419


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About Shahrood

Shahrood is the largest city of Semnan Province and also its county has same position in the province. The main launch site of the Iranian Space Agency is near Shahrud. It is also well known for unique types of grapes which are cultivated specially in Shahrood. Therefore, this city is called as Grapes-City.


In 2006, traces of a prehistoric, 8,000-year-old settlements were found in Shahrood. This is the pre-historical site of Deh Kheyr, Semnan, located in Shahrood Plain, 15 kilometers from the city of Shahrood. The discoveries included ovens, craft workshops, and other evidence of settlements.

Archeological excavations in different parts of Shahrud Plain indicate the existence of villages in this area during 7-5 millennium BC. As a modern city, the city of Shahrood was merely a village before the reign of Fath Ali Shah of the Qajar dynasty, with two old castles and a small farm named "Shabdary". The surrounding areas however, such as Biarjomand, Miami and Bastam do have a distant history.

The old town of Bastam is located 6 kilometers north of Shahrood. Its pre-Islamic history is not clear, but according to some historians, it was built during Shapur II period (310-379 CE). During the Abbasid era, it was the second largest town (following Damghan) in the Qomis province.

The town was visited by Nasser Khosrow Qubadiani, the great Iranian poet of the 12th century, and mentioned by him as the center of the Qomis province. But Bastam declined during the Mongol era assaults, and Shahrood eventually took its place.


Shahrood’s geographical location is very interesting, it has Abr forests in the north and from south it meets the central desert of Iran. The most interesting geographical and historical attractions of Shahrood are as follows:

  • Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests and High peaks of East-Alborz mountain range, lie in north of the city and shape a marvelous mixture of natural elements.

  • Two or three hours left to the sunset, with temperature fall, clouds rush into the forest. They are so thick that it seems you are walking on the clouds, and then you may not be able to see a meter ahead of you. It is what happens often in the Jangal-e Abr in Shahrood. Jangal-e Abr (Cloud Forest) is one of the oldest and most beautiful forests in Iran. It is the continuum of northern forests in the south of Alborz mountain range. It is located 30 km north east of Shahrood. The forest is full of steep hills, and a river runs and beautiful waterfalls in there. Summer and spring is the best time to see the forest.

  • SHAHVAR peak, lies in 25 km north of Shahrood, from north near Negarman village and from south near Tash village, highest peak of East Alborz mountain range with 4000 m of  height . Every year thousands of mountain climbers are traveling to this city to enjoy rock climbing and surrounding beautiful natural landscapes.

  • The Saljuki Mosque which is located in Bastam. Its construction belongs to the year 1120 C.E.

  • The Village of Kharaqan which is located 12 kilometers from Bastam. It was a famous village during the 14th and the 15th centuries. The tomb of Abul-Hassan Kharaqani, who is one of the most famous Arefs (mystics) of the Sufi groups of the 12th century, is located in this village. The brick building with its dome dates to the 12th century.

  • The Byar Castle ruins, which is located on the south-eastern area of Bastam, and is near to the desert edge of Byarjomand. This castle has an old mosque and an old wall with three gates.

  • Shahrood Museum: Dating from the later Qajar and early Pahlavi periods, originally belonging to the Shahrood Municipality and already located in the center of the town, this two-storied structure with brick facing was transformed into the present museum in 1988 after a series of major repair and renovation works. It is an interesting structure in terms of architectural style and exterior tile works. It houses both archaeological and ethnological sections.


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