Faculty of Agricultural Engineering

Dean: Ali Darakhshan Shadmehri

Imam Ali quote “Those who have cultivable land and water while living in poverty never receive some measure of the mercy of God. The establishment of the College of Agriculture was provided by the basic approval of the College of Agriculture in 1368. In 1369, the College began its educational activities by accepting students in the field of plant production and currently has over 900 students in: 1 Degree in PhD in Agriculture (with two fields of Ecology and Plant Physiology) and 6 Master’s Degree in Agriculture, Ecological Agriculture, Agricultural Biotechnology, Horticultural Sciences, Soil Sciences, Aquatic Structures Design, Agricultural Entomology and Food Engineering and 6 Bachelor’s Degree including Agricultural Engineering - Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering - Plant Breeding, Agricultural Engineering -Horticulture Science, Agricultural Engineering -water Science, Agricultural Engineering - Soil Science, Agricultural Engineering - Physician Plant and Agricultural Engineering- Bio systems (machinery) is active. The potential of the region in terms of grasslands, rich natural resources, and diversity of ecosystems makes it necessary to launch relevant disciplines (environment, rangeland, etc.) at this college, which we hope to see in the near future. Launching fields related to the region's potentials including natural resources, environment and animal husbandry.
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Soil Sciences

Khalil Azhdary
Soil & Water Conservation Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Seyyed Hossein Hosseini
Water Structures
Rank: Assistant Professor

Seyed Iman Saedi
Biosystems Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Yaser Safari
Soil genesis and classification
Rank: Assistant professor
[Department Head]

Ali Abbaspour
Soil Chemistry and Fertility
Rank: Associate Professor

Hadi Ghorbani
Soil And Environmental Pollution
Rank: Assistant Professor


Mohamad Hadi Movahednejad
Mechanics of Biosystems Engineering
Rank: Assistant of Professor

Roozbeh Moazenzadeh
Water Engineering
Rank: Assisstant Professor

Hossein Mirzaee Moghaddam

Rank: Assistant Professor

Agronomy and Plant breeding

Hamid Reza Asghari

Rank: Associate Professor

Mehdi Baradaran Firouzabadi
crop physiology

Mostafa Heidari
Crop physiology
Rank: Associate Professor
[Department Head]

Parviz Heidari
Plant Biotechnology
Rank: Associate Professor

Mohammad Reza Amerian
Plant Physiology
Rank: Assistant Professor

Hamid Abbasdokht
Crop Ecology
Rank: Associate Professor

Shahrokh Gharanjik
Molecular Plant Breeding- Genetics Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Manoochehr Gholipoor
Rank: Associate Professor

[Department Head]

Kambiz Jahanbin
Food Science and Engineering
Rank: Associate Professor

Masoud Hakimitabar
Rank: Associate Professor

Hassan Khoshghalb
Postharvest physiology and technology
Rank: Professor asistance

Ali Darakhshan Shadmehri
Integrated pest management, Insect Pathology
Rank: Assistant Professor
[Dean of Faculty]


Mehdi Rezaei
Physiology and breeding in fruit trees
Rank: Assistant professor




Shideh Mojerlou
Mycology and Plant Fungal Diseases
Rank: Assistant Professor

Hadi Amrollahy

Rank: مربی

Amir Salek

Rank: مربی

Hassan Goli

Rank: مربی

water, soil and plant Analytics Laboratory

Laboratory expert: Eng. Mahdiyeh Amoozegar. Devices & Equipment: Flame Photometer, Spectro Photometer, Horizontal Shaker, Kejeldal, Electrical Furnaces (Grill)

Laboratory of Botany

Laboratory Expert: Eng. Mohammad Hoseinpoor. Devices & Equipment: Light Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Germinator, EC Meter, pH Meter, Laminar Hood, Chemical Hood, Destilation Water

Agricultural Laboratory

Laboratory Expert: Eng. Hosein Motaharinejad. Devices & Equipment: Growth Chamber, Leaf Area Measurement, Oven, Loop Stereo Microscope (Binocolar), Leaf Porometer for Stomatal Conductance Measurement, Incubator, Spad, Distillation Water, Luxmeter. pH-Meter

Plant Protection Laboratory

Laboratory expert: Eng. Mahboobeh Abdollahi. Devices and equipment: ELISA reader (ELISA reader), microbial hood or laminar hood, incubator, oven or four, autoclave, growth chamber (germinator), chemical hood, stereo microscope, loop or binocular, light microscope, master microscope (stereo) , Student), phase difference microscope with camera.

Warter and Hydraulic Laboratory

Laboratory expert: Eng. Hassan Goli. Devices & Equipment: Drainage and Seepage Tank, Researching Flume, Inverter, Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume, Hydraulic Bench, Oven, Energy Loses in Bends Measurement, Reynolds Number Calculating, Orifice & Outlet Jet.

Biotecnology Laboratory

Laboratory expert: . Devices & Equipment: Real-Time PCR, Nano Drop, Freezer -80 degrees, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), Autoclave, Centrifuge, Ben Murray, , Biological Hood, Chemical Hood, MicroWave, Ultraviolet Light Generator (UV), Dry Bath, Hot Plate, Ice Maker and pH-Meter.

Soil Science Laboratory

Laboratory expert: . Devices & Equipment: Pressure Plate Extractor Package, SpectroPhotometer (Unico), Atomic adsorption, Liquid Chromatogaphy (HPLC), Electric Furnaces (Grill), Conductivity-Meter, Kedjeldal, Flame Photometer, َArm Shaker, Saturated Mud Extractor and pH-Meter.

Water Engineering Research Laboratory

Laboratory expert: Engineer Hassan Goli. Devices and equipment: inverter, multifunctional laboratory flume, research flume, engineering hydrology, drainage and drainage tank, speedometer (Moline)

Horticulture Laboratory

Laboratory expert: Eng. Mohammad Hoseinpoor. Devices & Equipment:

Atomic Adsorption Laboratory

Laboratory expert: Eng. Amoozgar. Devices & Equipment: Atomic Adsorption

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