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Dr. Hamid Hassanpour

Vice President of Research and Technology


The development of Research and Technology is one of the most important objectives of the University. This office is responsible for providing appropriate scientific and professional guidelines for the development and expansion of research and technology.


Some of the duties of this department are as follows

  • Policy making for research and technology
  • Controling and doing studies on research activities and evaluating annual performance of the University
  • Communicating with local and foreign universities
  • Cooperating with other institutions in providing scientific, cultural and social services by holding seminars and scholarly conferences
  • Disseminating scientific findings through the publication of scholarly journals and books
  • Supervising all research affairs of the university, libraries and the university databases.
  • Evaluating activities in the university based on national growth and development plans about academic education
  • Making plans for faculty members to enable them to use research opportunities both inside and outside of the country