Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Dean: Mansoor Bozorg

Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Shahroud University of Technology starts its work in 2012 with a master's degree in ceramics (materials engineering). Its work continued admitting an undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering and a Master of Science in Materials Engineering In 1392. Moreover, in 2014, undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering was added to the faculty. The Faculty now has 16 faculty members, 164 undergraduate chemical engineering students, 143 undergraduate material students, and 31 master's degree students in ceramic and composite majors. It is worth noting that up to now, the faculty graduated 6 B.S. chemical engineering students, 18 B.S. materials students, and 21 Ms.C. material students. Available and active laboratories of the Faculty are now as below: • Metallurgy and microstructure laboratory • Metals thermal treatment laboratory • Freezing and casting laboratory • Mechanical properties of materials • Advanced ceramic lab • Laboratory of Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering •Chemical Engineering Heat Transfer Lab • Laboratory of Process Control in Chemical Engineering. Director of the group: Mashallah RezaKazemi Telegram Channel: @ChemMatEng
Tell: 32300240
Ext.Tell: 3456
Email: support@shahroodut.ac.ir

Material Group

Mohammad Ahmadi Daryakenari

Rank: استادیار

Hamid Ashrafi

Rank: Assistant Professor

Mansoor Bozorg
Corrosion Engineering
Rank: Assistant Prof
[Dean of Faculty]

Mostafa Hajian Heidary
Materials Science and Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor
[Department Head]

Reza Taherian
Material Enginnering
Rank: Asistant Professor

Mohsen Karimi
Materials Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor


Mohammadjafar Molaei
Materials science

alireza Arjomandzadeh
Chemical Engineering
Rank: Assistant professor

Seyyed Hamid Esmaeili-Faraj

Rank: Assistant Professor
[Department Head]

Mashallah Rezakazemi
Rank: Associate Professor

jafar Abdi
Separation- Environment
Rank: Assistant Professor

Mostafa Kahani
Natural gas processing, Nanotechnology
Rank: Assistant Professor

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