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Office of Scientific and International Affairs

As an accredited educational and research institution, Shahrood University of Technology is committed to maintaining its prominent role in teaching and research in the region and global context and will continue to make its presence yet more felt and more visible.


In order to fully exploit the new opportunities now available in the third millennium, SUT is pursuing a strategy of internationalization. To this end, SUT seeks to cooperate with outstanding partners and networks.


Office of Scientific and International Affairs is a subdivision of the University President administration whose main duty is to implement and develop international policies and to promote bilateral academic activities.


The international office offers the university support with international programs (negotiating agreements, managing mobilities), international processes (negotiating, drawing up and monitoring MODs), sending/ receiving academic individuals, research fellows and the reception of delegations.


Office of Scientific and International Affairs in SUT fosters and ensures the continuity of the university collaboration in both research and teaching with strategically selected internationally renowned universities and networks such as International Association of Universities (IAU), Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) and COMSTECH.


Currently, SUT has signed about 10 MOUs with reputable universities in Europe, Middle East, Asia and neighboring countries. Also, in accordance with guidelines set out by the university and in consultation with its faculty partners,  it works together with ranked universities from developing countries. The aim is to promote exchange in teaching, research and administration to the benefit of both parties. Office of Scientific and International Affairs promotes international image of the university as a global center of excellence in teaching and research.



  • Building, expanding and improving relations with the local and international counterparts as it explores collaborative pursuits in research academia and cultural exchanges
  • Assisting the university professors, university lecturers, and senior research officers who have been granted sabbatical leave with their foreign affairs
  • Facilitating the paperwork for visas, travel reimbursement, and acceptance from host institutions for SUT staff members who are about to take part in international conferences or have short visits abroad
  • Bearing the responsibility for the reception and management of visits, inspections, interviews, lectures, and academic exchanges from the foreign educational agencies, experts and scholars with the relevant departments of the university
  • Assisting departments with organizing conferences, seminars, or workshops
  • Recruiting Iranian students who are studying overseas
  • Providing service on an individual basis, both to prospective students and to those students already registered with SUT.


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  • Address: 7 Tir Square- Shahrood University of Technology
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Dr. Ahmadi 

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I am privileged to personally welcome you to International & Scientific Cooperation Office, Shahrood University of Technology (SUT) website
In the years following the birth of Shahrood University of Technology, various reforms were initiated in order to foster an outstanding educational environment. SUT has grown into a prestigious institution with thirteen departments, 3 Research and 5 educational centers, which support a wide spectrum of educational and research activities.
Shahrood University of Technology is a learning community of over 10,000 students who share a passion to make a difference in the world. SUT is committed to serving the people of  Iran by providing academic programs and campus services for the students, and staff.
SUT enjoys the advantages of being situated in the vicinity of the historical and cultural city of Shahrood, in the heart of Iran. It is about 15 kilometers far from Shahrood airport. Weather is temperate. The people here are friendly and very helpful to those from other countries.
Emphasis on the concept of internationalization in order to achieve the supreme goal of the university, i.e. to become a leading educational institution and a model in the regional and the world, comprises one of the principal plans of the university. It is also a critical component to the University’s mission to conducting a world class learning environment that benefits the Islamic Republic of Iran, region and the world.
ISCO is to expand the internationalization of SUT by fostering the optimum environment for enhancing, retaining and supporting the international activities of the students and staff  enabling them to achieve their educational goals, and serving as the focal point for organizing and integrating the international activities on the campus.
I hope you will enjoy the information and the pictures on our website. Explore it at your leisure to get familiarize with both ISCO and SUT. I wish you will consider coming to SUT in near future.

International & Scientific Cooperation Office

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International Affairs Office makes efforts to expand SUT cooperative activities in the research-educational fields with various world universities. As one of the leading universities in IR Iran, SUT is also an internationally well-known university. Due to its outstanding research projects, most of the eminent scientists around the world are interested in visiting this university which is located at the central part of Iran beside the cultural and historical city of Shahrood.
Every year, SUT receives more than 90 international scientists who come here either to visit, do research or deliver lectures and workshops. International Affairs Office assists in inviting the international scholars. After the invitation decision and application are made by an SUT faculty, the office will provide faculty with appropriate instructions on the visa process. It aids visitors in their visa process, accommodation at SUT Guest House and Shahrood tours.

To issue visa, visitors should provide us with the following documents:

    Copy of the passport identification pages with validity of at least 6 months in JPG format and not  more than 40 KB.
    Form of the Invited Guest” which is to be completed by the guest himself/herself.
    Forms NO. 1 & 2; to be completed by SUT faculty who is hosting the guest during the visit.
    A Short C.V. of the visitor.

After providing us with the requested documents, International Affairs Office will send the documents to  the Ministry of Science Research and Technology and they will apply for a scientific visa for the applicant. The Ministry of Forreign Affairs will issue a Refrence No. for the applicants and will email it to them. 3 days after issuing the Refrence Number, the applicant should present at the relevant Iranian Embassy in person and represent the Reference No. along with the SUT invitation letter (signed Form2) and their passport to recieve the visa. Please do not forget to coordinate with the embassy regarding the time of your presence.

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1. SUT & Univsersity of Liverpool

SUT Liverpool 070521 Completed

2. SUT & University of Granada(Spain  

Granada Signed

 3. SUT & Universitat de Politacnica Catalunya

SUT- Spain (Catalunya)

4. SUT & Univerversitas Komputer Indonesia 


5. SUT & University of Rome Tor Vergata 

Iran-Italy MOU

6. SUT & University of Sannio 


7. SUT & Universidade de Lisboa


8. SUT & University of Nagpur 

SUT-Nagpur India

 9. SUT & Ufa State Petroleum Technological University


10. SUT & International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)


 11. SUT & Hong Kong  Polytecnic University

SUT-Hong Kong

12. SUT & Lovely Professional University

SUT- Lovely University( India)

13. SUT & Institue of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

signed agreement with Iran

14. Shahrood University of Technology (SUT) and the Desh Bhagat University (DBU)



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