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دكتر هادي قرباني 


Dr. Hadi Ghorbani

Ph.D. in ُSoil Science

Vice President for Socio-Cultural Affairs

Tel :(+98) 23 3239 4518


Founded in 2010, the Vice-President for Socio-Cultural Affairs at Shahrood University of Technology is responsible for fostering Iranian and Islamic values as well as encouraging socio-cultural beliefs and skills among students and academic members. Needless to say that the social and cultural characteristics of the university, as well as scientific and research activities are in line with the grand plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran in achieving both spiritual and physical development. Therefore, with the help of its experienced and knowledgeable academics, the Vice-President for Socio-Cultural Affairs of Shahrood University of Technology tries to make the required frameworks and preparations for social and cultural development of all university members (students, faculty and staff). In this regard, the university students, as the largest academic members and the future generation of Iran, have always had the most prominent role in the cultural and social programs of the university and they have had great achievements in these affairs.


In recent years Shahrood University of Technology has always been a leading model in the terms of a cultural and academic community. Although the Vice-President for Socio-Cultural Affairs has followed wonderful strategies to train skilled and specialized academic population in social and cultural aspects of academic life, it is still behind its ideal status.


Major Goals

  • Encouraging community participation, social discipline, and improvement of mental and social health and vitality
  • Expanding and deepening constructive interactions and synergy with scientific, cultural, social, sports and economic centers at national and international levels
  • Enhancing sense of commitment to the university in students and graduates
  • Developing and upgrading the infrastructure and cultural, physical, and technological spaces in the university.



The activities of this office can be placed in three general categories

  • Supervision, support and organization of university students associations: To supervise, support and organize students associations such as art and culture centers, Science foundations (more than ninety specialized foundations and twenty interdisciplinary centers), Basij and Islamic associations and publications Supervision, support and organization of staff and professors’ associations


Additional activities are related to pilgrimage center, movies center, recreational services, campus galleries, audio-visual center, reunion, and camps centers.


  •   Undertaking cultural, political and social programs in university
  •   Collaborating with cultural institutions and revolutionary centers, especially those at the university
  •   Publishing newsletters or cultural journals at the university level
  •   Providing facilities for cultural activities of students, staff, and faculty members
  •   Organizing some recreational science, research, sport and art programs
  •   Encouraging students to participate in art activities, tours and festivals
  •   Performing art festivals as well as organizing exhibitions
  •   Establishing university students’ associations in various cultural, art and social fields based on  laws and regulations
  •   Planning various scientific and cultural excursions
  •   Planning competitions in science and art