Reza Taherian

Associate Professor Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Material Engineering Material Engineering, Polymer and Adhesives- Electrical &Thermal Properties in Composites

University: Shiraz University
Research Interests: polymer-based nanocomposite, PEM fuel cell, Hydrogen
Professional & Scientific Membership:
Awards & Patents: 2% of the World’s Scientists
Biography (About):
Reza Taherian received a Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering Science from Shiraz University with a thesis titled “Manufacturing and modeling of polymer-based nanocomposite bipolar plates in order to utilize in PEM fuel cells”(2006-2011). He has been in direct contact with the industry since 1998 and in 2000 cooperated with Alda Casting and Mahdi Tools Companies in the field of production of casting parts and heat treatment and forging parts. In a doctoral project, he researched the manufacture of polymer composite parts with carbon fibers for use in hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plates and the measurement of mechanical and electrical properties. The result was publishing several articles in high-ranked journals, one patent, and the manufacturing of a single-cell fuel cell. In this period, some projects have been performed which have been mainly in the field of manufacturing and production of materials. Some of the most important of them have been followed: Manufacturing of antibacterial adhesives, dielectric insulators, carbon polymer membranes with high conductivity and porosity, making lead glass, making electrically conductive adhesives, making electrical insulation and thermal conductivity adhesives, making polyurethane foams with Silver adhesive coating to protect against electromagnetic waves (EMI) has carried out various projects for industry and academia and has been in close contact with industrial centers in this regard. He published a book on the electrical conductivity of composites in Elsevier in 2018, which received the Book of the Year award from Sharood University of Technology. In 2020, he was recognized Top 2% of the World’s Scientists.



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Abolfazl Khodadadi (2019), "Fabrication and characterization of electromagnetic waves absorbant lead glasses", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Reza Taherian[Supervisor/Supervisors],
Mahdi Goodarzi (2016), "The effect of ceramic conductive coating on the performance and properties of titanium bipolar plate used in PEM fuel cell", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, [Supervisor/Supervisors], Reza Taherian[Advisor/ Advisors]


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