Faculty of Civil & Architectural Engineering

Dean: Reza Naderi

Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1987. The first program was at technician level. The first B.Seng. program at SUT has started in 1994. During the next 6 years many new faculty members joined us. At the same time the laboratories have been extensively equipped. Structural Lab, Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics Lab, Tar and Asphalt Lab, Concrete and Construction Material Lab, Mechanics of Material Lab, and Surveying Lab are the laboratories are in service and actively used for research and educational purposes. The millennium was a landmark in the history of our department since the first graduate program “Structural Engineering” was started. In 2005, two more graduate programs were started in the department: Master of Science in Hydraulic Structures and Doctorate in Civil Engineering. Today in our department, 9 faculty members and 7 adjunct professors are offering more than 30 courses each semester. Six labs and 3 workshops provide services to more than 450 undergraduate students as well as 35 master students and 8 Ph.D. students. The students and professors benefit from the numerous databases, journals and thousands of books in the field civil engineering available in the library and through free services provided by the university. The university enjoys wide variety of IT services such as wireless communication throughout the campus, fiber optic (backbone) 10-Gbs LAN, high speed internet (8MB bandwidth) and more than 1200 computer workstations available to the students. For more information please contact the head of the department or the section chairperson.
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Ext.Tell: 32300240-3300
Email: Civil@shahroodut.ac.ir

Earthquake and Structural Engi

Farnoosh Basaligheh
Structural Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Hossein Pahlavan
Earthquake Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Seyed Mehdi Tavakkoli
Structural Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Meysam Jalali
Structural/Earthquake Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Farshid Jandaghi Alaee
Civil Engineering (Structure)

Jalil Shafaei
Civil-Structural Engineering
Rank: Associate Professor

Vahid reza Kalat Jaari
Structural Engineering
Rank: Associate Professor

Ali Keyhani
Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
Rank: Associate Professor

Water and Environmental Engin

Ahmad Ahmadi
Hydraulic Structures, Fluid Mechanics
Rank: Associate Professor

Prof. Samad Emamgholizadeh
Water and Environmental Engineering
Rank: Professor,

Ramin Amini
Hydraulic Structures
Rank: Assistant Professor

Tahere Taghizade Firozjaee
Water and wastewater
Rank: Assistant Professor

Behnaz Dahrazma
Environmental Engineering
Rank: Associate Professor

Seyed Fazlolah Saghravani
Enviromental Fluid Mechanics
Rank: Associate Professor

Saghy Saeidtehrani

Rank: Assistant professor

Amirabbas Abedini
Rank: Assistant Professor

Mehdi Adjami
Marine and Hydraulic Structures Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Saeed Golian
Hydrology and Water Resources Management
Rank: Associate Professor

Emad Mahjoobi
Civil & Environmental Engineering - Water Resources
Rank: Assistant Professor

Mohammad Moonesun

Rank: مربی

Geotechnical and Transport Eng

Iman Aghayan
Transportation Engineering
Rank: Associate Professor

Amir Bazrafshan Moghaddam
Geotechnical Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Behnaz Bigedeli
Remote sensing and GIS
Rank: Assistant Professor

Abdoul-Ahad Choupani
Transportation Planning
Rank: Assistant Professor

Sayyed Ali Hosseini
Road and Trasportation
Rank: Assistant Professor


Saeid Gharechelou
Rank: Assistant

Mohsen Keramati
Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor

Mehdi Goli
Rank: Assistant professor

Reza Naderi
Numerical Methods in geotechnical Engineering Soil Mechanics Rock Mechanic
Rank: Assistant Professor
[Dean of Faculty]

Pejman Amineyan

Rank: مربی

Reza Babaee semiromi

Rank: مربی

Gholam Hossein Sadeghi

Rank: مربی

Mohamad ali Mazinanian

Rank: مربی

عکس موجود نيست.

عکس موجود نيست.

عکس موجود نيست.

عکس موجود نيست.

با توجه به روند رو به رشد پژوهش های علمی در زمینه های مختلف مهندسی عمران، تولید دانش کشور در این زمینه از ابعاد قابل ملاحظه ای برخوردار شده است. به منظور ارج نهادن به تلاش پژوهشگران ارجمند و برای پاسخ گویی به بخشی از نیاز کشور به انتشار اطلاعات وزین علمی، دانشگاه صنعتی شاهرود اقدام به انتشار مجله مهندسی آب و محیط زیست ایران نموده است. از کلیه پژوهندگان علم که مایل به نشر یافته های پژوهشی خود در زمینه های تخصصی مجله هستند، دعوت میشود تا مقالات خود را با توجه به قالب های معرفی شده به مجله ارسال دارند. زمینه های تخصصی مجله عبارت اند از: هیدرولیک جریان در کانالها و مجاری روباز، هیدرولیک رسوب، هیدرولیک جریان در محیط های متخلخل، منابع آب، هیدرولوژی آبهای سطحی و زیر زمینی، سازه­های هیدرولیکی، آبیاری و زهکشی و آبخیزداری. مجله همچنین پذیرای مقالات در کلیه زمینه های مرتبط با محیط زیست می باشد.
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Name Academic Rank Citations h-index i10-index Co-authors Citations h-index Documents Co-authors
Saeed GolianAssociate Professor12651851943
Amirabbas AbediniAssistant Professor71462
Ali KeyhaniAssociate Professor156616260
Reza NaderiAssistant Professor205311202
Ahmad AhmadiAssociate Professor436922263
Ramin AminiAssistant Professor2
Vahid reza Kalat JaariAssociate Professor3
Farnoosh BasalighehAssistant Professor2
Mohammadi Abbas0
Mehdi AdjamiAssistant Professor2
Ramezan Vagheei0
mohammad Shamekhi Amiri0
Saghy SaeidtehraniAssistant professor0
Emad MahjoobiAssistant Professor17203725112
Amir Bazrafshan MoghaddamAssistant Professor33310283782
Sayyed Ali Hosseini Assistant Professor1644301213472
Meysam JalaliAssistant Professor13953987410192
ebrahim Zamani Beidokhti1775440
Abdoul-Ahad ChoupaniAssistant Professor16564086410112
Mehdi GoliAssistant professor12675890621220
Hossein PahlavanAssistant Professor153751682513182
Jalil ShafaeiAssociate Professor4329915311813213
Saeid GharechelouAssistant40710100208714190
Seyed Mehdi TavakkoliAssistant Professor80712147446817172
Farshid Jandaghi Alaee656121210824580
Mohsen KeramatiAssistant Professor30512131800002
Seyed Fazlolah SaghravaniAssociate Professor450131872731027383
Behnaz DahrazmaAssociate Professor634141404091021373
Behnaz BigedeliAssistant Professor675141912
Iman AghayanAssociate Professor 746152005141239523
Prof. Samad EmamgholizadehProfessor, 181523361411441845780
Name Academic Rank Citations h-index i10-index Co-authors Citations h-index Documents Co-authors