Hossein Pahlavan

Assistant Professor Faculty of Civil & Architectural Engineering

PhD. in Earthquake Engineering Structural Earthquake Engineering

University: Iran university of science and technology
Research Interests: Spatial Random Vibrations-Probabilistic seismic assessment and retrofitting of Structures and Bridges- Fragility curve development- PBEE- Nonlinear analysis
Professional & Scientific Membership:
Awards & Patents: PhD. Scholarship from Iran ministry of science research and technology.
Biography (About):
Hossein was born on November 20, 1978 in Babol, North of Iran. He did his BE at the university of Guilan, followed by Msc and PhD at the Iran University of science and technology, Tehran, Iran. Supervised by Professor Ghodraty amiri and Professor Shayanfar he investigated the seismic Performance of retrofitted curved RC box girder Bridges that was funded by the Iran ministry of science research and technology. After 10 years teaching as a lecturer at the Pardisan university, Hossein joined the technical University of Shahrood as a staff member by 2015. Recently Hossein has extended his research interests to include the seismic fragility curve development of asbuilt and retrifitted buildings and bridges and also performance based earthquake engineering.

Tel: 02332300259
Ext.Tel: 3292

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