GV89 : Qualitative survey approach of sport managers to environmental issue in facilities
Thesis > Central Library of Shahrood University > Physical Education > MSc > 2016
Mahanz Sarani [Author], Seyed Reza Hosseini Nia[Supervisor], Hooman Bahman poor [Advisor]
Abstarct: Environmental issues are becoming a general concern all over the world, so that the life of every human influence. Now the environment as the second pillar of Almpyzm after sports and culture is raised. Sport facilities in the physical education are as essential hardware that can be immersive, including environmental impact have on its surroundings. Sports managers of sport facilities in line with optimal efficiency and create a cleaner environment by using skilled human resources and facilities play an important role right. The purpose of present research was to investigate sport managers approach to environmental issues in sport facilities that was done with qualitative methods (interviews). The participants were 10 managers of Shahrood various departments who were selected via snow ball method. Data collection was done by using semi-structured interviews and they were analyzed using conventional content analysis method. After each interview, conceptual codes were extracted, then codes were divided into several main concepts in a way that 17 concept codes were lodged in 2 main themes: Optimization of energy consumption and Green management. The validity and reliability of the study were baxsed on the four dimensions of Credibility, Transferability, Dependability and Conformability. The results showed that sport managers approach to environmental issues in sport facilities, the managers with due attention to environmental issues and reducing the destructive effects of significant indicators and standards used in places under their auspices.
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Keeping place: Central Library of Shahrood University