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Dr. Mohammad Ataee

Vice President of Academic Affairs 


Vice President for Academic Affairs established in the Shahrood University of Technology with the aim to educate the students who can Master their fields of study and are committed and engaged in their society. This office is responsible for organizing, coordinating and monitoring the performance of educational departments and faculties. In addition, the Vice-President for Education is responsible for the following duties

  • To evaluate and monitor all  policies ,regulations, educational processes regarding to laws and regulations
  • To evaluate and monitor the educational performance of faculty members and academic administrators
  • To design and implement programs to promote faculty members
  • To revise, evaluate and modify the curriculum
  • To plan for the development of different educational programs and fields of study
  • To identify, cluster and support talented students
  • design academic courses, to produce contents, and to implement the electronic instruction programs
  • To establish and manage the Free and Virtual Training Centers