Seyed Ali Hosseini Mansoori

Assistant Professor Faculty of Physics

Particle Physics

University: Isfehan University of Technology
Research Interests: Cosmology, AdS/CFT correspondence, Black hole Thermodynamics
Professional & Scientific Membership: Resident Researcher at IPM
Awards & Patents:
I am now a faculty member in theoretical physics group at Shahrood university of technology. Before that, I was a postdoc candidate at IPM. My postdoctoral research have been focused on the higher derivative theories of gravity. These theories generally suffer from the Ostrogradski ghosts and one way to avoid this ghost is to have degenerate higher derivative theories since the existence of constraints could drastically change the situation.


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All Thesis (1)
Masoud Rezaei (2019), "Isotropic Gauge Inflation with General Potentials", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Seyed Ali Hosseini Mansoori[Supervisor/Supervisors], Mohammad Ali Gorji[Advisor/ Advisors]


    Journal Papers
    • Hassan Firouzjahi, Mohammad Ali Gorji, Seyed Ali Hosseini Mansoori, "Instabilities in Mimetic Matter Perturbations", arXiv:1703.02923 [hep-th], 2017
    • MA Gorji, SAH Mansoori, H Firouzjahi, "Higher derivative mimetic gravity", Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2018 (01), 020, 2018