Khosrow Hosseinzadeh Babbereh

lecturer Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

master in science pure mathematics (geometry)

University: tabriz university
Research Interests: operation research-financial mathematics-economics
Professional & Scientific Membership: iranian statistical society-iranian mathematical society
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All Thesis (3)
Roja Keshavarzi (2016), "On Optimal Intervention for Customer Lifetime Value", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Jafar Fathali[Supervisor/Supervisors], Mohammad Arashi, Khosrow Hosseinzadeh Babbereh[Advisor/ Advisors]
Zohreh Asadi (2014), "Approximation of Nondominated Solutions In Linear Multiple Objective Optimization", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Jafar Fathali, Mehrdad Ghaznavi[Supervisor/Supervisors], Khosrow Hosseinzadeh Babbereh[Advisor/ Advisors]
Nafiseh Rajabi (2011), "Classification of Randers metrics of constant ag curvature", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Hamid Reza Salimi Moghaddam[Supervisor/Supervisors], Khosrow Hosseinzadeh Babbereh[Advisor/ Advisors]


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