Alireza Tajary

Assistant Professor Faculty of Computer Engineering

PhD Computer Architecture

University: Amirkabir University of Technology
Research Interests: Computer Architecture, Network on Chip, Multicore Processors, Fault Tolerant Computing
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Dr. Tajary received his BSc, MSc, and PhD from Amirkabir University of Technology in 2008, 2011, and 2018 respectively. Since 2018, he is with the Faculty of Computer Engineering Shahrood University of Technology as an Assistant Professor. His main research interests include computer architecture, network on chip, and fault tolerant computing.


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All Thesis (3)
Amirreza Fateh (2021), "Persian Document Layout Analysis", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Mohsen Rezvani[Supervisor/Supervisors], Alireza Tajary[Advisor/ Advisors]
Zohreh Harati (2020), "Improving the Routing Algorithm of Wireless Networks on Chip using Reinforcement Learning", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Esmaeel Tahanian[Supervisor/Supervisors], Alireza Tajary, Mansoor Fateh[Advisor/ Advisors]
Marziye Rahmati (2019), "A Printed Persian OCR System using Deep Learning", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Mansoor Fateh, Mohsen Rezvani[Supervisor/Supervisors], Alireza Tajary, Vahid Abolghasemi[Advisor/ Advisors]


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