Mahdi Mollaei

Assistant Professor Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management

Islamic education and law Law - Economy - Economic Law - Islamic Education - Ethics - Iranian Islamic Model of Progress - Rulings - Jurisprudence

University: Khwarazmi
Research Interests:
Professional & Scientific Membership: Supreme Assembly of Young Scholars
Awards & Patents: University's top law graduate. The best student of French language, the best researcher of Imam Sadiq University (AS). Top author. Distinguished poet of the country.
Biography (About):
Dr. Mahdi Mollaei was born in Shahrood city. He completed his elementary education in Shahrood city and obtained his diploma in mathematics and physics with a grade point average of 19.56. At the same time, he also obtained degrees in the fields of literature, technical and professional, including a diploma in inlay and mosaic work. Throughout these years, he has always been in the top in terms of education, and in terms of morals, his total disciplinary average is 20 and he has won many provincial and national titles. In addition, he was selected in the first stage of the Mathematical Olympiad and became a member of the Supreme Assembly of Young Scholars in order to qualify for the final and global stage of the World Mathematical Olympiad. Dr. Mahdi Mollaei was accepted in the national entrance exam in more than fifty engineering fields, including air and space engineering, computer, etc. At the same time, he was accepted in the field of law at the Imam Sadiq University (peace be upon him) and began his studies in this field and did extensive studies and researches in the field of economic law. The named person has always been the first person in the university for seven years and graduated as the first person with an excellent grade point average. The named person decided to go to France for his doctoral studies, but due to some issues, he finished his studies at Khawarzmi University with a GPA of 19.28 and an excellent degree. He also engaged in scientific and cultural activities in Iraq for a short time. In addition to law, Dr. Mehdi Melai also studied religious sciences at Imam Sadiq University independently and achieved high degrees in this field as well. He also preached the religion on behalf of the mission office and the propaganda organization of Qom seminary. He also learned three foreign languages and mastered three languages: Arabic, English, French and to some extent Japanese. Dr. Mahdi Mollaei has also been very active in the field of sports, so that he has many coaching and judging certificates in martial arts and has written books in this field. Mahdi Mollaei has won many honors in various fields. Obtaining numerous titles of distinguished poet of the country, best student, best researcher, distinguished article author and exemplary athlete are among these honors. He has won several sports competitions and has many honors in the fields of publications, rulings, story writing and theater. So far, he has cooperated with the Research Center of the Islamic Council, Tehran Municipality, Justice, Police Force, Physical Education, etc. in the form of a consultant, and now he is a member of the academic staff of Daneshgast. So far, he has authored more than several volumes of books and more than dozens of articles and has more than 9000 students.



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