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Office of Scientific and International Affairs

As an accredited educational and research institution, Shahrood University of Technology is committed to maintaining its prominent role in teaching and research in the region and global context and will continue to make its presence yet more felt and more visible.


In order to fully exploit the new opportunities now available in the third millennium, SUT is pursuing a strategy of internationalization. To this end, SUT seeks to cooperate with outstanding partners and networks.


Office of Scientific and International Affairs is a subdivision of the University President administration whose main duty is to implement and develop international policies and to promote bilateral academic activities.


The international office offers the university support with international programs (negotiating agreements, managing mobilities), international processes (negotiating, drawing up and monitoring MODs), sending/ receiving academic individuals, research fellows and the reception of delegations.


Office of Scientific and International Affairs in SUT fosters and ensures the continuity of the university collaboration in both research and teaching with strategically selected internationally renowned universities and networks such as International Association of Universities (IAU), Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) and COMSTECH.


Currently, SUT has signed about 10 MOUs with reputable universities in Europe, Middle East, Asia and neighboring countries. Also, in accordance with guidelines set out by the university and in consultation with its faculty partners,  it works together with ranked universities from developing countries. The aim is to promote exchange in teaching, research and administration to the benefit of both parties. Office of Scientific and International Affairs promotes international image of the university as a global center of excellence in teaching and research.



  • Building, expanding and improving relations with the local and international counterparts as it explores collaborative pursuits in research academia and cultural exchanges
  • Assisting the university professors, university lecturers, and senior research officers who have been granted sabbatical leave with their foreign affairs
  • Facilitating the paperwork for visas, travel reimbursement, and acceptance from host institutions for SUT staff members who are about to take part in international conferences or have short visits abroad
  • Bearing the responsibility for the reception and management of visits, inspections, interviews, lectures, and academic exchanges from the foreign educational agencies, experts and scholars with the relevant departments of the university
  • Assisting departments with organizing conferences, seminars, or workshops
  • Recruiting Iranian students who are studying overseas
  • Providing service on an individual basis, both to prospective students and to those students already registered with SUT.


 Contact Info:

  • Tel:  +98 (23) 32394931
  • Fax: +98 (23) 32390730
  • Email:
  • Address: 7 Tir Square- Shahrood University of Technology

ِDr. Mahmood Norouzi

Post: Director
Tel: 02332394931

Arash Dehghanian

Post: Officer of Scientific and International Affairs Office
Tel: +982332394931
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