News: Chinese geologist visited SUT

Chinese geologist visited SUT

baxsed on the Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Geological Cooperation between the Shahrood University of Technology and the Isotope age measurement Center, SHRIMP Beijing, supervised by the Geological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two researchers from the Institute named Professor Yuruo Shi and Dr. Huiyi Sun, visited Shahrood University of Technology from September 13 to September 27.

During this two week visit internationally well-known Chinese professors along with Dr. Ghasemi, Dr.Sadeghian, Dr. Rezaei and their Ph.D. students visited many geological sites in three provinces including Semnan, Northern Khorasan and Southern Khorasan.

The SHRIMP Remote Operation System (SROS) system was also set up at the Faculty of Earth Sciences. With this system, faculty members and other researchers can measure the age of their rock samples with U-Pb method.

According to this MOU faculty members and Ph.D. students of both sides can visit, conduct their researches and use well-equipped laboratories in both centres. Chinese researchers have visited SUT four times and researchers from Iranian side visited twice. Additionally, six Ph.D. students from SUT have spent their six-month sabbatical leave in China.