Ramin Zakeri

Faculty of Mechanical And Mechatronics Engineering

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    Journal Papers
    • Zakeri, R., "", Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD) Simulation of Soft Micro Actuator using Polymer Chain Displacement in Electro-osmotic Flow, 2019
    • Raeisia M., Mohammadi-Amina M., Zakeri R., , "", Numerical Investigation of Interaction of Counter Flow Jet and Hypersonic Capsule Flow via Modified DsmcFoam, 2019
    • Zakeri, R., Kamali Moghadam, R., Mani, "", New development in DSMC algorithm for asymmetric complex geometry, 2019
    • Zakeri, R., "", Simulation of Fixed Two Ends Micro Polymer Chain in Microchannel Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics, 2019
    • Jafari S., Zakeri, R., Darbandi, "DPD Simulation of Non-Newtonian Electroosmotic Fluid Flow in Nanochannel", Journal of Molecular Simulation/Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, 2018
    • Zakeri, R., Kamali Moghadam, R., Mani, M., "New chemical-DSMC method in numerical simulation of axisymmetric rarefied reactive flow", Journal of Physics of Fluids, 2017
    • Zakeri, R., Kamali Moghadam, R., Mani, M., "A New Approach for Chemical Reaction Simulation of Rarefied Gas flow by DSMC", Journal of Computers & Fluids, 2019
    • Zakeri, R., Kamali Moghadam, R., Mani, M., "Modified Collision Energy (MCE), a New Chemical Model in the DSMC Algorithm", Journal of ASME/Heat transfer, 2018