Asghar Azizi

Associate Professor Faculty of Mining, Petroleum & Geophysics Engineering

Ph.D. Mineral Processing

University: Shahrood University of Technology
Research Interests: Extraction of metals and removal of impurities from ores, mining tailings and secondary resources using hydrometallurgical processes ; Minerals flotation; Modeling, optimization and simulation of mineral processing systems
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Biography (About):
Asghar Azizi received his B.Sc. degree in mine exploration engineering (2005) from Shahrood University of Technology and his M.Sc. degree in mineral processing engineering (2007) from Yazd University, Iran. He attained his PhD degree from Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran in 2013. He is currently an Associate professor and lecturer at Faculty of Mining, Petroleum and Geophysics, Shahrood University of Technology. His research interests mostly include hydrometallurgy, flotation, electrochemistry in mineral processing systems and optimization and modeling.

Tel: 02332392204
Ext.Tel: 2629

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All Thesis (13)
Foad Mahmoodi (2018), "Optimizing the parameters affecting the alkaline oxidation of Zarshuran gold refractory ore", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Asghar Azizi[Supervisor/Supervisors], Reza Alvan Darestani[Advisor/ Advisors]
Mojtaba Rasoulizadeh (2017), "Solvent extraction and stripping of lead from NaOH leaching solution", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Asghar Azizi, Mohammad Karamoozian[Supervisor/Supervisors],
Tahere Asadi (2017), "Zinc extraction from leaching solutions of low grade ore of Iran Kouh area using solvent extraction", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Asghar Azizi[Supervisor/Supervisors], Mohammad Jahani Chegeni[Advisor/ Advisors]
Saeede Shahraki (2016), "Feasibility of desulfurization of East-Alborz coal using leaching methods", Msc Thesis, Shahrood University Of Technology, Mohammad Karamoozian, Asghar Azizi[Supervisor/Supervisors],


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